Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gearing up - Make yourself aware!

First Annual
World Meningitis Day
April 25th 2009

The very first World Meningitis Day! I'm very happy to see this day & to see Meningitis being recognized around the world! Starting tomorrow (the 20th) I'm going to post some information about Meningitis, & it's different forms each day until the 25th, along with a link to an informative website about Meningitis. I hope you'll join me & learn something about Meningitis that you may not know.

As always, let us remember sweet Landan during this time & the amazing fight he fought against Meningococcal Meningitis!

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Wendy620 said...

That is such a wonderful thing that they are finally recognizing meningitis and i will be by your side as us and hopefully other people help put a fight up to stop meningitis from taking over wonderful people...its okay you dont know me except from myspace we can still get to know each other..your little angel boy landan is such a sweet little boy he looks so happy all the time..and i know he is watching over his family<3 well let me know anything i can do for you!! Love Wendy Danforth


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