Sunday, April 5, 2009

GamerChiX wha?

Let me start by saying ... "You think you know, but you have no idea ..."
Ok, just trying to add a little drama! Did I do an ok job?

Some of you may or may not know, I'm a GamerChix. I spend hours playing on our Xbox 360, which Andy loves because he likes video games too. Well ok, Andy doesn't love that I hog the Xbox sometimes! We need another one for sure, then we could play online at the same time.

Since December I've been obsessed with Call of Duty:World At War! Yeaa! I play daily. I actually took a small break for like two weeks, I can't believe I didn't play for that long! I'm also a part of Foxy Gaming's COD division! I practice twice a week with the other ladies that play Call of Duty. I also play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare with them as well (can't wait for Modern Warfare 2 to come out this November!) Call of Duty has 65 rankings to go through. As you go along it takes more & more points to rank up. You get 10pts for killing someone, a recon plane, artillery & dogs. So you can see how it could take some time to rank. So after you go through the 65 rankings you have the option to "Prestige" which basically means starting at the beginning again & working your way up, except you have a special badge so people know you've Prestiged. Currently I'm on my first prestige at level 28. At this point in time, my higest "streak" is 15. That means I killed 15 people before I was killed. And my highest total kills is 34! Yay! That's a high number from my 1-4 kills in the beginning. lol Ahh it's just so much fun. I'm addicted! I'm sure you probably think I'm morbid of playing this game. But for me it's not really about getting a rush from killing people. It's just so much fun playing on Xbox Live with other people from around the world! Sometimes technology still amazes me when it comes to the internet & online gaming! Gezz!

Here is a picture of Layne & I playing Call of Duty: World At War

And here is a graphic of Layne "playing" on the Xbox 360 for your viewing pleasure!
Still can't quite picture what I'm talking about? Here is a video I found that someone has posted on YouTube so you can see what the game looks like!

Oh, and did you hear Kiefer Sutherlands voice in the second video! lol

Do you have a Xbox 360? AND a Gold Membership? Well then, ADD ME! And we'll play together!
Gamertag: SeniorLux

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