Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Craft: Hand print snowmen

I don't have any directions for these crafts. I didn't think about putting them on my blog until it was too late. But thankfully they are pretty self explanatory!

Here is our hand print snowmen ornament. First time we've ever tried this!

 And this is our other hand print snowman! A friend shared a picture with me & it was too cute to pass up!
It's really simple - Two palms for the body & fingers for the hat. I

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

It was so wonderful to wake up today, on December 1st to snow flurries! What a fitting way to start December. Even though I'm really not a huge fan of the freezing temperatures, snow always makes it better! We've got our Christmas tree up, lighted garland around the entertainment center, Christmas is on it's way!

We've already had Layne's picture taken with Santa
(Didn't get a chance to edit yet)

So now I'm thinking about Christmas cards already! Actually I have been since before Thanksgiving. Is that bad? We've always sent out Christmas cards, it's a tradition my mom has passed down. We used to just buy Christmas cards from wherever we got our family pictures taken, but within the past few years I've been craving something more unique than what they offer! This year Shutterfly is having a great promotion going on for bloggers that you don't want to miss out! I love all everything they have to offer on their website & could browse for hours upon hours.

How unique is this Flat Stationary Card!

And this is another favorite of mine!

And they have folded cards too of course

Aside from Christmas cards they have Desk Calendars, Birth Announcements, you name it!

With hundreds, upon hundreds of Christmas Card choices, I don't know how anyone couldn't find something they love! As for me? I have no idea how I will choose!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Favorites. More pictures, less words.

Landan 20wk ultrasound
Layne 20wk ultrasound

Only a few days before Landan was born (39wks)
Only a few days before Layne was born (36wks)

Landan, just born, getting cleaned up.
Layne, just born, getting cleaned up.
Landan & I - Less than 24hrs old.
Seconds after Layne was born.

Favorite "Mommy & Baby" picture with Landan.
Favorite "Mommy & Baby" picture with Layne.

Favorite "Mommy & Me" picture with Landan.
Favorite "Mommy & Me" picture with Layne.

Landan on his 1st Birthday!
Layne on his 1st Birthday!

 Landan as Blues Clues for his 2nd Halloween & Layne will also be Blue this Halloween

Halloween Crafts!

I've been obsessed with checking out crafting blogs recently. So many awesome ideas!

So I thought I would share this, they're doing a "13 Days of Halloween" event
with all kinds of DIY Halloween decorations, etc.

Check it out!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crafty Weekend!

I had a little crafty weekend! Made two things I'd never made before!

First is this Fall bouquet! I got 75% of what I needed from the Dollar Tree for $9! The rest were things my mom had in her basement & wasn't using.

Seriously ... Can't beat the price! Michael's would sell this for probably $30!
My second, impulse craft came from an idea shared HERE.
I had all the items I needed & it probably took me 20 minutes max! 

Layne wasn't too sure about his cape at first and wore it for under a minute! lol But awhile later he wore it around for almost an hour. He'll have fun with it for years to come!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Handprint Turkey - Reverse Applique

Handprint Turkey - Reverse Applique

What you'll need:
 Sweatshirt, onesie or t-shirt
Felt (optional, can use fabric)
Hand-needle & sewing machine
Sweatshirt I'm using, handprint, felt & fabric.
Step 1:
Trace your childs hand & cut it out

Step 2:
I forgot to take a picture for this, it's my first tutorial after all!
But for this step it's kind of up to you. I decided to use a fabric pen to
trace around my hand so I had an outline on the front. But you could also
just pin down the paper handprint & sew around that!
 Step 3:
Cut out a piece of fabric larger than your handprint

 Step 3:
Turn your shirt inside out & pin your fabric right side down.
So then your looking at both the wrong side of your shirt &
the wrong side of your fabric.

Then turn your shirt right side out.
Step 4:
Sew along your traced line or your pinned down handprint

Step 5:
Cut out the material inside your stitches. Make sure to leave
a little bit of space so you aren't cutting out your stitches.

Step 6:
Embellish your turkey with a wattle & button for the eye &
your all done!

 Thanks for checking out this tutorial, as I said it is my first! I had so much fun trying it out myself
& can't wait to make more! If you end up making one yourself please some back
& share a link to your image, I'd love to see!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Four years earlier ... and now.

Four years earlier.

It was a beautiful hot day,

Full of sunshine, not a cloud in the sky.

Our hearts, so full, they overflowed with happiness,

Watching as my little man had a blast riding rides,

Or playing peek-a-boo from behind a tree.

And perfect photo ops that are so sweet to look back on,

It felt like we had forever left together.

And this time,

A piece of our heart was missing.

But still thankful for the blessing I have now.

It's just that it didn't feel quite right,
A void that was only felt between Andy & I.

The gloominess of the day, was fitting for such a missing presence.


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