Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spongebob, Baby food & Sitting alone

So since Layne's Ped's appt last Friday we've been consistently feeding him cereal nightly. I aim for anywhere between 8-10pm so we can have some sort of schedule! Today we all went to the grocery store & spent about $30 getting Layne's "First Foods" Yay! Weird now how they come in the little plastic cups. When Landan was a baby it was stricktly the little glass jars, sometimes I can't believe how quickly things change! So anyways, we got - Green beans, Peas, Carrots, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Bananas & Apple Sauce. We also got some juice to add to his cereal & more cereal! I can't wait to feed him tomorrow, yet at the same time can't grasp how 5months went by so quickly!

When we got home, I asked Andy if he'd help me clean out a shelf in the cupboard to keep Layne's baby foods. Well he didn't want my help & told me he'd rather do it himself. lol But I stood to "observe" anyways lol I pulled a Spongebob bathroom cup out of the cupboard & inside it was an old bottle of Landan's Spongebob vitamins. I put them up for Andy to see & made a pouty lip. I told him I guess I'd take these things to Landan's room & started to walk away to do that. He must have seen me walking on the edge with my emotions & asked if I was going to cry. I turned around, walked back to him & put my head on his shoulder & started to cry. It's hard when these things jump right out at you, things you have memories of! When we moved into the apartment, we got an entire Spongebob bathroom set-up! This particular cup came with the set & sat on the sink. For some reason, Landan had an obsession with turing on the water in the bathroom, filling up this cup and drinking out of it. lol Little stinker! So it made me sad to see that today. I miss him so much.

Later on I was talking to a friend on the phone. She's also an angel mom, so I shared what happend today with her. Then we talked a little about Layne, she asked if he was sitting up yet - I said yes. She was wondering if he was sitting up in the middle of the floor yet - Well at that particular moment, the answer to that question was no. But low and behold, just 20mintues later, Layne was sitting on his own, in the middle of the floor. Granted, this skill isn't perfected 100% yet! But he's doing so well! My little, big man.

Yay big boy!


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Kerin Lee said...

Oooh my goodness you made me cry :(
That's such a sweet memory of Landan. Yet, so sad too.

I'm so proud of little Layne for sitting up. Seems like just yesterday I was freaking out waiting and wondering if you had delivered him or not and if he was okay!

Love you!


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