Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The past few days

Andy has had the past two days off of work. So we've been lucky to have lots & lots of Daddy time!

On Saturday we went to hang out at my moms for a little while. I had one of my younger sisters cut my hair again & trim my bangs while Andy & Layne hung out downstairs. My mom was leaving to go to the grocery store so I talked her into taking Layne so I could go home & straighten my hair! lol Not like it was hard to talk her into. Andy & I headed home for an hour or so & hung around the apartment. We went back to my moms to pick Layne up, he'd napped almost the entire time they were shopping! My mom needed to head out to another grocery store & didn't want to go by herself so Layne & I went with her while Andy went to Walmart. He needed to get some new headphones because we can't seem to find his old ones anywhere! So he met up with my mom & I at Meijer & we finished shopping.

Sunday we dropped Layne off with Nana for a little while so Andy could run with me up to JoAnn Fabrics. I wanted to get some 4th of July fabric that was on sale. I just ordered a pair of American flag BabyLegs from Twinkle Baby Boutique and I want to make Layne a cute onesie to go with them. It will be his 4th of July outfit. After we left Andy & I went to find a used bookstore Andy wanted to check out but it was closed. So we ended up stopping in a comic book store. Andy said he felt like a kid again because he hadn't been inside a comic store in years! Afterwards we headed back to my moms & ended up hanging out for a while longer before we left to go home.

Today we ran around town doing some errands. We needed to stop at Walmart so we could pick Layne up his first potty chair. Yay! We'll see how that goes, so wish us luck! Then made a stop over at Hobby Lobby so I could pick up a few t-shirts. I plan on making shirts for a friend of mine. I've been telling her I wanted to make them forever now! So now I need to actually learn how to thread my sewing machine & get to work. I've had the sewing machine since March! It was my birthday present from Andy & the boys. I can't wait to use it because, to be honest, I'm kind of intimidated! I've never had my own sewing machine before. Andy keeps joking about how he thinks I don't even know how to sew & he won't believe it until he see's it! lol Hopefully he's pleasantly surprised. Then we decided to check out TJ Maxx because neither of us have ever been shopping in one before. I ended up snagging a super cute outfit for Layne & pair of jammies. On our way home Andy was hinting about eating at Chilies because he's never eaten at one before. So that's where we ended up. It was yummy & Layne loved his grilled cheese! Andy & I ended up each getting a alcoholic drink. Mine was yummy, his was WAY too strong! He didn't even like it & drank more of mine than his! lol I also managed to knock over the remaining 1/3rd of mine & I wasn't even tipsy! lol Go figure! Oh well.

Overall we've had a fun few days. We rented Brothers & District 9, both great movies & I liked them both! Andy has to go into work tomorrow afternoon, boo! But soon enough he'll be on vacation! I can't wait & I'm sure he's even more excited for it! lol

On a bad note ... We keep finding spiders in our room, I don't know how they're getting in. Tonight, the spiders set an all new record. Five ... Yes, count them ... F-I-V-E! UGH! I hate spiders, they terrify me! lol If we'd have found them before midnight I might be writing this blog from my moms living room. I'm totally not kidding! Just ask my mom & Andy lol When I was pregnant I found a spider in the bedroom, it was GIANT! The biggest we've ever had in the apartment & Andy was at work. I took a picture of the spider, I mean I obviously needed proof that this giant beast was in our bedroom! I couldn't kill it for two reasons. One - I was terrified. There was no way I'd even be able to come within FEET of that thing. Two - It was on our bed skirt and I was worried that I'd miss it and it would charge at me. Or maybe get away & come back with it's spider army. Scary stuff! lol So I did what any normal, pregnant, spider loathing woman would do ... I grabbed my pillow, closed the bedroom door, shoved a towel at the base of the door & got the hell outta their! lol Andy is just about as scared of spiders as I am but managed to kill it when he got off work. Can you believe that beast was in like the SAME spot many hours later when he got off work! Thank God it was though or I wouldn't have been able to sleep in the bedroom that night! Seriously ... I don't mess around with spiders! I remember once when Layne was sleeping in his swing I had to move the swing to the living room because a spider was in our room & Andy had just left for work lol Yuck!

Anyways, I rambled on long enough!

1 Day down, 89 to go.

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