Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm talkin' bout blah, blah, blah.

Not much to report tonight, but I can't disappoint my meager 36 readers. I'm kidding, I love you all!

Today was pretty boring, we were home all day. I love our apartment but I really can't just get out & go for a walk. The street our apartment is connected to is a busy street with no sidewalks to walk on. LAME, I know! We can go outside and play but that's also kinda scary because since we don't have our own space I'm afraid Layne will take off like a bat outta hell & get ran over or something! Life of a paranoid mom ... Yes, I get it. -Sigh- Oh well, I know this summer we plan on taking him to the park that Landan used to love playing at. The cemetery Landan is buried in is actually right across the street. After Landan died, we met one of the Deacon's of our church at the cemetery so he could show us were Landan's plot would be. We realized how much of a gift it was that he would be buried their. Not only did the church donate Landan's plot to our family but the cemetery is sandwiched between railroad tracks & his favorite playground is across the street. Perfect! It's funny how things happen just when you need them too, ya know? Like at the end of Landan's funeral, as the colorful balloons we released danced around in the sky, looking like M&M's a train traveled by, blaring it's horn. It wasn't distracting from the moment like some would think. It was more like one of those peaceful "Ahh" moments. Those that knew Landan best, knew it was a sign from him. There have been many times where I'm feeling down at the cemetery, crying even, and I'll hear that train whistle and just smile. It's Landan.

I can't wait until Layne is older and wants to talk more about his brother Landan and know all sorts of things about him. I just wish I didn't have to explain things to him that way, I wish Landan was here with us. Obviously.

4 days down, 86 to go

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