Monday, October 11, 2010

Favorites. More pictures, less words.

Landan 20wk ultrasound
Layne 20wk ultrasound

Only a few days before Landan was born (39wks)
Only a few days before Layne was born (36wks)

Landan, just born, getting cleaned up.
Layne, just born, getting cleaned up.
Landan & I - Less than 24hrs old.
Seconds after Layne was born.

Favorite "Mommy & Baby" picture with Landan.
Favorite "Mommy & Baby" picture with Layne.

Favorite "Mommy & Me" picture with Landan.
Favorite "Mommy & Me" picture with Layne.

Landan on his 1st Birthday!
Layne on his 1st Birthday!

 Landan as Blues Clues for his 2nd Halloween & Layne will also be Blue this Halloween

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Aww, all these pictures are just so heartwarming! You have a beautiful family. (We'll meet Landon someday when we meet Gracie too!)


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