Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

It was so wonderful to wake up today, on December 1st to snow flurries! What a fitting way to start December. Even though I'm really not a huge fan of the freezing temperatures, snow always makes it better! We've got our Christmas tree up, lighted garland around the entertainment center, Christmas is on it's way!

We've already had Layne's picture taken with Santa
(Didn't get a chance to edit yet)

So now I'm thinking about Christmas cards already! Actually I have been since before Thanksgiving. Is that bad? We've always sent out Christmas cards, it's a tradition my mom has passed down. We used to just buy Christmas cards from wherever we got our family pictures taken, but within the past few years I've been craving something more unique than what they offer! This year Shutterfly is having a great promotion going on for bloggers that you don't want to miss out! I love all everything they have to offer on their website & could browse for hours upon hours.

How unique is this Flat Stationary Card!

And this is another favorite of mine!

And they have folded cards too of course

Aside from Christmas cards they have Desk Calendars, Birth Announcements, you name it!

With hundreds, upon hundreds of Christmas Card choices, I don't know how anyone couldn't find something they love! As for me? I have no idea how I will choose!

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Losing Brownies said...

I love the santa picture. I took the boy, but hated the picture... I think we'll try again in a few days.


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