Monday, September 27, 2010

Handprint Turkey - Reverse Applique

Handprint Turkey - Reverse Applique

What you'll need:
 Sweatshirt, onesie or t-shirt
Felt (optional, can use fabric)
Hand-needle & sewing machine
Sweatshirt I'm using, handprint, felt & fabric.
Step 1:
Trace your childs hand & cut it out

Step 2:
I forgot to take a picture for this, it's my first tutorial after all!
But for this step it's kind of up to you. I decided to use a fabric pen to
trace around my hand so I had an outline on the front. But you could also
just pin down the paper handprint & sew around that!
 Step 3:
Cut out a piece of fabric larger than your handprint

 Step 3:
Turn your shirt inside out & pin your fabric right side down.
So then your looking at both the wrong side of your shirt &
the wrong side of your fabric.

Then turn your shirt right side out.
Step 4:
Sew along your traced line or your pinned down handprint

Step 5:
Cut out the material inside your stitches. Make sure to leave
a little bit of space so you aren't cutting out your stitches.

Step 6:
Embellish your turkey with a wattle & button for the eye &
your all done!

 Thanks for checking out this tutorial, as I said it is my first! I had so much fun trying it out myself
& can't wait to make more! If you end up making one yourself please some back
& share a link to your image, I'd love to see!


KP said...

Love the tutorial, Lacey :) Simple & easy-to-follow. I have yet to post any tutorials, but I plan on doing so soon.

MamaLacey said...

Thanks hun! Totally going to do some more at some point, it was really fun!

Robin said...

this is really cute!

thanks for sharing!

Tidbits & Glitz said...

I am your newest follower from Tatertots & Jello! I think my kids would love to help me make this shirt for Turkey Day! So precious:)


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