Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there! I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families!

I'd like to share a poem that a friend wrote & shared with me. Enjoy!

Dear mama, I wrote this just for you
But let everyone else know that I love and miss them too
Mother's Day is coming and I want it to be special
Don't worry, I'll be watching every second from the threshold
I may seem like an eternity away, but know this is true
That althrough you may not see me, I am always there with you
I think about you every day, and pray for you every night
Every morning I rise the sun to turn your dark to light
I love to look down and reflect on memories
I'm always listening mama, so you can always talk to me
Although you cannot hear me, I tell you everyday
How much I love and miss you, but my voice is too far away
Mother's Day is my favorite day, because although I am gone
I tell all of my angel friends, I have the worlds best mom
Layne loves you very much because he told me so
We'll both always be your babies, I just wanted you to know
I sent you a special gift because I'm far away
I couldn't wrap it though, but you'll get it on this mother's day
I sent you gifts only you'll know of, and they mean very much
Along with my love I sent you my soft gentle touch
I know that you will feel it, just search within your heart
And all day long remember, that we aren't far apart
I'll be close with you especially, I will fill your day with joy
I'm proud to tell all of heaven that i'm your little boy
The magic you've felt in life is endless, and do not be alarmed
Cause while others dream of angels, you held one in your arms
Have a happy mother's day and smile just for me
When I look down at you, that's all I want to see
I love you mama very much, so on Sunday enjoy
Take care, love Landan, a.k.a. your little boy <3

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