Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wonder what he sees?

I obviously can't help but wonder if Layne sees Landan. I know that it's said, children are more susceptible to seeing angels & spirits. As adults, we've been told it's "abnormal" to see those sorts of things which is a big contributing factor as to why everyone can't see our passed loved ones.

Anyhoo, Layne LOVES his Jumperoo (check it out!) my mom was laughing at him the other day because he really has a blast bouncing & kicking his legs around! He's recently learned to swivle the seat around to look in his big brother's curio that is next to the jumper. It's really sweet, here's a picture actually (don't mind the clutter!) Well tonight Layne turned himself around to look at the curio & he was really just bouncing around, smiling & was SO SO excited! Normally he's not laughing when he's in their unless mommy or daddy is interacting with him to make him laugh.

So I don't know, take from that what you will. I think he sees angels :)

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