Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear Mrs. Assembly

Dear Mrs. Assembly,

Sometimes I feel like when I give my opinion on something that it falls on deaf ears & eyes. I've been through something too. Dare I say something worse, actually. Loathe me for saying that if you must but I've lost a child, yours is still here & doing well! But yet no one seems to take that into consideration. I guess it's because you haven't known me as long. Sometimes it makes me not even want to be involved in conversation, if my opinion isn't going to be noticed why do I waste my breathe? Of course I over react and think that you just don't really care that I lost a child. I don't want everyone to "bow" down to me because of the fact. But it really pisses me off that I take the time to share a bit of MY opinion & it's just over looked. But when you share yours you get flowers thrown at your feet.

I think I must be invisible.

Sincerely, Mrs. Invisible Opinion

P.S. My feelings are very hurt & I'm bitter.

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