Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The problem with YouTube


How cute is this video? Yet we still have sick people posting comments like these about this adorable little boy.

CSEKTION (8 hours ago)
If that was my kid, I'd tape a? plastic bag over his head and step on his belly.

CSEKTION (5 hours ago)
kid should choke on his own buhlud and duh-ie


The stupid & pathetic things that come out of peoples mouths sometimes NEVER ceases to amaze me! I mean honestly ... wtf is wrong with the person that posted those things? And the sad part about it is ... who knows if he'll ever answer to those things. I hope so.

Im sorry but I think YouTube needs to crack down a little bit. It's not just this video, but I swear on just about every video someone has to post a stupid & hurtful comment. Some worse than others obviously! Just about the only way to avoid comments is by now allowing them. YouTube doesn't even have a place where you can report one of their users. If you know how I can do that, please let me know, because I haven't figured it out as of this point! You can report someones video, but thats the only thing I've found recently. I like YouTube & I'll continue to post my videos their, because it's the easiest place to do so, just think they need to be cracking down on the comments people leave & be deleting users for the shit they say!

1 comment:

Lissa Lane said...

You tube sucks sometimes! I had to delete all of the comments off of my nephews memorial video because idiots decided to debate religion and declare no one who died was going to heaven until Jesus came back *rolls eyes*


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