Monday, May 3, 2010

The slacker is feelin' crafy!

Well I've officially failed my self implemented '90 Day Blogging Challenge'. BUT I have been blogging more & that is a plus! So I'm rollin' with it.

I've been super crafty recently! My hubby & boys bought me a sewing machine for my birthday in March & I've just recently decided to put my big girl pants on & take the plunge into sewing. Not that I don't know how to sew ... My mom has sewn all my life & I took two years of clothing construction in High School! But of course my husband had his doubts, even though he won't admit that his banter was no more than a little joking, I didn't buy it. So I've been able to prove him wrong! Yay! I made Layne his first pair of pj pants and while they were a TAD on the smaller size they turned out great! I have two more pairs that just need some finishing touches & they are ready to go! I also recently (as in today) did some applique work on some shirts! Yay! It was alot easier than I thought they would be. Of course it was just a simple tie & not as complex as it could be I'm ready to try something more challenging next time!

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