Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ewww! Germs!

I'm not really even sure what I want to blog about to be honest ... I just decided that I wanted to. I have millions of thoughts that race around in my head, I just can't seem to put them in words sometimes.

Not long ago on Facebook I posted a status about how I don't like opening doors myself anymore. And before you think I'm just being bitchy, let me explain. This mostly started when the whole Swine Flu (H1N1) was going around & I was just too paranoid to open doors. If I had to, I would use hand sanitizer right afterward if possible. I mean really, what kind of germs are on the things we touch? I mean somehow & somewhere Landan picked up a germ & it killed him. Ugh. I don't even like to go to any indoor children's places anymore like Chuck E Cheese. Nothing against the establishment personally but lets be honest ... Kids are germy ... ADULTS are germy!

I'll spare you my standing on a soap box for vaccine advocation. Consider yourself lucky!

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