Monday, March 3, 2014

The Hole

I haven't not written much poetry at all in so many years! But recently something came up where a friend needed a new poem. So I went to work & this is what I got. Hope you enjoy it. Love you Bebe! 

This Hole

I can never find the words,
to tell the world how much I miss you.
No scars on the outside,
as tangible proof that I am in pain.

When you left this world,
you took a piece of me with you.
A piece of my heart,
as evidence that you're no longer here.

The hole is always present,
I feel it with each breath I take.
A reminder of the loss,
a reminder of when our lives changed.

Nothing could ever fill this hole,
this I know is true.
I wouldn't if I could,
because it reminds me of you.

One day my heart will mend,
and will be whole again.
When I see you in Heaven,
forever can begin.

- Lacey Harris-Willoby, 2014

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