Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Update

I posted a few days ago that I'd be writing an update soon, today is the day.

Trying to think of any important things that have happened since earlier this year. In July we moved from a small, cramped 2br basement apartment into a spacious 3br townhouse! It was sad to move from our first home together as a family. We buried a time capsule outside Landan's window, with a letter inside to whom finds it, a few pictures of Landan & a small toy of his. We're loving our new place & the space to grow that it offers along with it!

We decided to not put Layne into preschool this year & wait another year. It's such a scary thing for us, after losing a child. Ugh. I'm still feeling so undecided on it all, but I know it will be GREAT for him! He'd love some little friends to play with.

I've ventured out into photography! Working on gathering the equipment I need (still need lighting) and always shopping for fun props! I'd love to have you as a fan on my page by clicking HERE and you can visit my website here -

Layne just turned 4yrs old on November 1st. It was a bittersweet birthday for us, as it is a birthday that Landan did not reach here on earth. Nonetheless we are thankful to have Layne with us & continue to miss Landan!

I'm hoping to get this blog hopping again with picture posts, tutorials, etc Thanks for sticking around!

I'll leave you with a recent picture of my little prince Layne.

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