Sunday, November 4, 2012

Avengers Themed Birthday Party

So my littlest man turned 4yrs old on November 1st! He is really into super hero's so it was pretty obvious to his dad & I that we'd do an Avengers themed party! My husband works in the bakery at a grocery store, so he was able to get us a huge 7ft Avengers display for us to put up as decoration.

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking below.

Made from pretzels with a block of cheese ontop!
Credit goes to Cute As A Fox, who's post I found on Pinterest.

Made from sugar cookies, green whipped icing (YUM!) and some
black licorice for the hair.

These were our party favors! You've probably seen these cups for about 98 cents
at places like Walmart. So we got one of each character & one with all the characters on it.
My mom found some little Avengers notepads at Target & I got the Avengers markers at
Walmart. Inside the cups were Avengers themed candy we found at The Dollar Tree!

My mom has always bought subs for food at Layne's party, it's just something easy to pick up!
So I decided to stick with the theme & give them some Avengers themed name.

This was Layne's birthday cake! Made by my mom as always. I found the idea on Pinterest,
I would link but it was a user upload to Pinterest.

And to close out the post, my little 4yr old blowing out his candles!

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Marla said...

Love Thor's Hammers! My son is having an Avenger themed birthday party tomorrow and I was searching interest for some last minute ideas. Definitely going to do the hammers! =)


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