Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finally - An update

I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted on my blog. Wow.

Nothing big has been going on, we enjoyed Father's Day at my in-laws house this year. They recently moved into a new house that has an apartment over a detached garage. So we now have our own little space when we come to visit. It was awesome! Here are pictures from our Father's Day 2009 weekend.

Andy being a dork - wearing the Father's Day shirt
I made for him.

Our apartment at his moms house.
Living room
Living room
Layne's first time swimming
Playing in the crib at my in-laws while Mama & Dada pack to go home.

We also planted flowers, got a flower basket & new angel for the cemetery. A good friend of mine, Kerin had been donating to Landan's memorial fund for months, along with a donation from another good friend, Jess. Here are a few pictures below. The first is of my mom, stepdad & grandpa weeding before we planted the flowers.
This is currently what the set-up looks like at the cemtery.

Layne also enjoyed his 1st Fourth of July at Ft. Meigs in Perrysburg. Every year on the 3rd, the Fort puts on a huge fireworkds display. Layne was such a good boy (as always). Here are some pictures below of that.

Layne playing in his stoller with his toys while we're waiting for the fireworks.

Layne watching the fireworks with his "Bebe" which is Landan's nickname but also stands for "Brother Bear" for Layne. This bear is from Build-A-Bear that we made after Layne was born. it has Landan's voice playing in it, singing "Take My Breathe Away"

And last but not least - Layne making his little mad/stinker face lol He loves making this face & making this face with Mama & Dada.
Playing on the floor with "Bebe"

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Marisa ( said...

Layne is such a handsome little man! That face he makes is priceless.

I think you guys did such a wonderful job on Landans memorial site.

Hopefully we'll make it down to Ohio later this summer and let you know :)


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