Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life without an arm

So my mom & I went to our monthly bereaved parents support group meeting tonight. Unfortunately we had a new family join us. It's been 10mos since their loss. Everytime a new family join, it kinda takes us back to talking about the emotions we felt in the beginning, how we coped, etc.

But anyways, another father was talking about how we go on & "adjust". He had a great example about going on after the loss of a child that I'd never thought of before. He said it's like losing an arm ... you can survive after you've lost an arm, but your going to do things differently & life will never be the same. I sat & thought about what a good example that is. I survive without Landan, but things happen differently & life isn't the same as it was with Landan.

Just a way for someone bereaved to look at something. It made sense to me.

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Lissa Lane said...

Very true. It is like adjusting to the loss of a limb. You are never the same.

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