Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"I know who you are!"

I finally got that feeling from Layne the other night as we looked at a picture of his big brother, Landan!

Layne was playing in his jumperoo the other night & noticed he was starting to get sleepy. I wanted to cuddle him for awhile so I picked him up & we walked around the apartment. We went into Landan's room & looked at the Spongebob posters on the wall. Then we walked into the hallway & I flicked on the light so we could look at Landan's pictures there. I we stood infront of one of Landan's 3yr pictures ... Landan got a sweet ole smile on his face. I said "That's your big brother Landan!. You know who he is don't you!" It was the sweetest thing.

We actually looked at the picture again tonight & Layne smiled again. It makes me heart smile with him.

Here is the picture he smiles at.

1 comment:

Kerin Lee said...

I always thought he was seeing Landan. <3


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