Monday, July 1, 2013

My little tball player

Early this year, maybe even late last year my husband & I started talking about signing Layne up for an activity. This was much to my husbands dismay because he worries so much about Layne. 

I should explain some ... I rarely get to worry about Layne because my husband does enough of that for the both of us. Could you imagine what a mess our life would be if we both worried about him 100% of the time? I don't even want to think about it. But we have our reasons, having lost a child to a disease he could have picked up from anywhere? That's scary!

Back to tball - we signed Layne up early this past Spring & he was assigned to a team. It's been such a fun activity for us. It makes me so proud to see my little man out there having fun. They started off the season hitting from the tee & slowly transitioned into pitching to the kids. The first few times Layne was not hitting any of the pitched balls. What they do is they pitch 3-4 balls to the kids and if they don't hit it then they put the ball on the tee for the kids to hit. Then Layne started hitting from a pitch atleast one of the two times he was up to bat. Recently he's been hitting the ball from a pitch every time! It's so exciting! The coaches husband told my husband that we'd be surprised how much better the kids get by the end of the season. I still never though Layne would be hitting all the pitched balls!

I'm excited to finish out the season & for Layne to play again next year. We're not uber competitive people. Well I take that back, you don't want to see me playing Call of Duty! But the tball league here is just about the kids learning the game & most importantly, having fun. No strike outs, no tagged outs, all the kids get a chance to bat twice. It's awesome. If it were something really competitive we probably would have pulled Layne out. It would not have been our cup of tea at all. It's tball, it should be all about fun & that's what I want for Layne. I don't think he would be enjoying it at all if it were very competitive at this age. He's a sensitive guy.

It's bittersweet to do these things with Layne. Things we were robbed of enjoying with Landan. But I'm still so very thankful to have the opportunity and I know Landan is cheering on his little brother. A brother I know he would have loved so much.

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Kerin Lee said...

So cool that he can hit the pitches ball now! Not just one but all? Amazing!! He is uber smart just like his big bro and yes Landan is definitely proud of his little brother! Love you!


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